The Company

AEON Process Solutions is a professional engineering firm staffed and organized to provide multi-disciplinary engineering consulting services. AEON represents a broad range of products and Solutions. Our experts provide services and solutions consultancy in departments of Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Power houses. Our focus is on solving problems on an engineering perspective; with cost effectiveness .We believe in Meeting with leading practitioners, sharing point of views and discussing key industry imperatives and solutions across industries.

AEON is committed to learning what is important to you, and then delivering the value you expect in the way you expect it. We strive to execute up to maximum as per our customers’ requirements within our constraints.

AEON Process Solutions possesses a first-class track record in Projects Management in the fields of Power Houses installation and sales & services of E&I and automation equipment from erection, commissioning, trial & testing, trouble shooting and up gradation perspectives. We are a smart customer in handling renewable and non-renewable fuels fired boilers from mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation provisions perspective. The joint effort from our expertise in all these fields to improve the operational efficiency of boilers, steam turbines and other equipment is profoundly appreciated.